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The Windchill Legacy

Windchill’s Law

Within days of Windchill’s passing, Legacy volunteers began work on Windchill's Law. This grassroots group of five read every animal neglect and abuse law in every state of the union, chose what was thought to be the best each state had, and prepared a document containing these laws which was then presented to Legislative Assembly Representative Nick Milroy late in the 2009-2010 legislative session.

The original bill was very broad, covered too many areas, and would have presented many problems if it had passed. It failed to be put to a vote in the Senate in 2010. The majority party changed for the subsequent session in both houses as well as the Governor's office. The first year of that session was spent meeting with and listening to all who had opposed the bill as well as legislators of the new majority party. The original bill was drastically cut, and now focused on making current statutes crystal-clear for law enforcement and courts to follow by adding definitions and clarifying current statutes. This new bill was introduced too late for passage in the 2011-2012 session.

Windchill’s Law has been introduced in both houses of the Wisconsin Legislature for the current 2013 - 2014 Legislative session. This session ends in April of 2014. The Windchill Legacy needs all our Wisconsin resident friends to contact their legislators, letting them know they want them to support this bill. Please also ask them to urge Assembly Representative Kleefisch, Chair of the Committee on Criminal Justice, and Senator Grothman, Chair of the Senate Committee on Judiciary and Labor, to schedule Public Hearings. Reference Senate Bill 399, when contacting your state senators. For your Assembly Representatives reference Assembly Bill 486.

The Windchill Legacy is a non-partisan, grassroots group with absolutely no affiliation with any national animal rights groups. Please take a few minutes today and call or e-mail your legislators today--Windchill needs your help!

To read the proposed law in its entirety,



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