Windchill’s Spirit in Action

Windchill’s legacy is clearly evident when Peanut holds court. When we visit a local school, a circle of children sit entranced around the miniature horse, hearing Windchill’s story, often for the first time.

Peanut is one half of our duo team of miniature horses we escort into area schools to help us stop animal abuse before it starts: by teaching the littlest animal lovers how to treat their furry friends.

Peanut and Spanky have a marvelous impact on children. Not only are the horses just their size, but are well-trained to gently interact with their audience.

The school presentations educate children about the needs and proper care of all animals. They will help break the cycle of animal abuse and neglect by teaching children how to properly care for animals, as well as what to do when they see possible abuse/neglect. The Legacy also serves as a resource for information and materials for students and teachers alike.

Another group that loves it when we visit are nursing home residents. The minis trot right into resident rooms. Eyes that haven’t lighted up in years sparkle as Spanky or Peanut introduce themselves with nuzzle. Memories rekindle of farm youths past or long, lost beloved pets.

If interested in the minis visiting your school or coordinating a nursing home visit in the Duluth-Superior area, please use the contact form below.

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