The Windchill Legacy

Dedicated to Ending Equine Abuse and Neglect

The Windchill Legacy

About Us


We started as two people rescuing a tiny nine-month old colt frozen to the ground in a windswept Northwest Wisconsin pasture. The windchill was -50 degrees. Within hours we were a team of neighbors, friends and stranger coming together to help him through the night. Within days we were 1.2 million strong following his story online, praying together, comforting each other, and cheering the little guy on.

For 20 days we didn’t sleep. We laughed and cried with our new hero Windchill: the little colt with the gentle spirit and giant determination. We survived on the caring of people who delivered coffee, blankets, food from all over the country and a mountain of well-wishes for our patient.

Today, we are continuing the work Windchill started. The Windchill Legacy is committed to translating Windchill’s brilliant spark into stopping another tragedy like this from happening again.

We are a group of volunteers who have set out to change the attitudes that caused this loss and the laws that allowed it. By providing educational programs and materials to children, we hope to stop abuse and neglect before it occurs. Through our work supporting – and performing – equine rescues we will make a difference. Windchill's spirit brought hope to the world. We will continue to bring that hope to those who feel none.